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Thomas Riley 

Tony Beltran

Jaime Herd-Tesson (Martin County School District Teacher of The Year!)

Justin Pigott (Jensen Beach High School Teacher of The Year!)

Jake Steinberg 

Robert Wolfe 

Kristen Riley (Elementary) 


Dana Cone (English Honors, AP Language & Composition, Writing, SAT and ACT)Team Leader!

Annie Line (All Reading/English)

Melissa Eversdyke (Reading, English, SAT, ACT)

Amy Czerwinski (Elementary)

Kristen Riley (Elementary) 


Charlie Santos (AP World History,Elementary Reading) Former Teacher of The Year!

Daniel Sanchez (AP American History)

Kurt Effinger (History and Economics) 


Robert Wolfe (Physics and Engineering)

Jake Steinberg  

Tony Beltran 


Dr. Donna Fitzpatrick (Honors, AP Chemistry) 

Tony Beltran (Chemistry)

Katherine Manahan 


Yassir Colon (Spanish)

Lisa Luu (Chinese)

Jake Steinberg (Spanish)

Tony Beltran (Spanish)


Dana Cone

Melissa Eversdyke

Kristen Riley

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